Monday, May 5, 2008

Most of The Problems, Involves Money..

Date : Monday - May 5, 2008 at 8pm Malaysian time.

"I badly need your help - to use your name for a personal loan application.." Azleen's younger brother Aznizan called last night. We know his name has been blacklisted big-time with all financial institution due to being a terrible credit cards paymaster. He is also well known among us as a lavish spender, everything he owns are all branded stuffs and love to eat at expensive cafes. "I need to think about it," Azleen said to him last night but at 10am this morning he ended up at one of the local bank together with his brother. Lucky enough the bank requires a credit card which is one of the pre-requisite for an application. Azleen just got an Amex charge-card (to control our spending habit), which is not good enough. Damn lucky..

Azleen's brother has a huge problem. His company doesn't pay him for almost 3 months in salary as of today. Just got married back in February but owe people (including his parent-in law) lots of money - I think close to 15,000 MYR (malaysian ringgit) which he needs to settle fast. Adding to his wound, his apartment rental stucked for 3 months now, car also 3 months + 1,000 for repair, parents-in law 8,000 and his wife and friends. I heard he is living with his parent-in law (I'm not sure how long he can stand it) since he is very much confident that he will be thrown out of his apartment next week. Definitely Aznizan is facing one of his worst time now. We also believe that this situation won't be for long if he wakes up and learn from it. We still remember when we were like him in 2004-2005. Nobody (I repeat, nobody) was there to help. Just the two of us. Everybody distance themselves (a.k.a hate our guts). Even both our parents, hmmm.. interesting. Who says money is not important - it is damn important, it is almost everything.
Now, we are kinda break-even - thank god. A bit stable and settle down. Just need to keep our expenses down, settle our debt fast and start to grow our savings - which is now stucked at zero. Nobody knows about our financial life now (break-even), but our style and faces kind of more towards like we-have-the-money kind of look. When our families started to notice these positive changes, aha now they are starting to get closer to us. This shows that this world that we are living now is very weird. The question is, who is our real friend? Our 7-month young baby, Imran Harris seems very quiet today. Sleeps most of the time. His body temperature is a bit high than normal..
Today's status - Savings : 0 MYR and debt is close to 350,000 MYR

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