Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yasmin, We Miss You..

Date : Tuesday - May 6, 2008 at 8pm Malaysian time.

Yeah, true enough that our beloved youngest son Imran Harris is having a high fever. We head to our regular child clinic last night and Dr Cheng confirmed it. All in, it was just a minor 60 MYR (malaysian ringgit). We don't really care how much the bill was. The most important, our son is okay.

Sad. We still can remember how we cope our late daughter, Yasmin Suraya when she was born and was very sick during her 10-month life journey. She was very cute but couldn't cry, hear or see. She has what they call ashpyxia - lack of oxygen supply to the brain. You actually can notice a children with ashpyxia, the forehead was a bit small (shrunk). On the day she was born back in Dec 22, 2005 she was admitted to a private hospital called Pantai Medical Center's NICU for a week. Afterthat, we asked for her to be transfered to a government hospital (Hospital KL) due to cost. We had to pay around 25,000 MYR (malaysian ringgit) for that. To make it worst, we don't even have that kind of money by far. With some help from Allah, we managed to get an advance from Azleen's ex-employer VADS Bhd (subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia) as well as from some of our good friends.

Yasmin survived only for 10-month and she died peacefully in her sleep on November 3, 2006. Prior to that, we prayed to Allah, rather than to make her suffer through out her life and no one to take a good care of her, it is much better for HIM to 'take' her. Indeed our pray answered. We were very sad to lose her and yet happy for her. We know that she will be waiting for us near the heaven's door one fine day.

Azleen came back from his office at 5pm just now, with a news. Our tenant who rent our apartment can pay only 300 MYR instead of agreed 570 MYR. And they (there a 4 single women staying in that apartment) are going out end of this June. This is the only asset we have, which is making much. Bought in 2004, to sell in June this year. We hope to raise 30,000 MYR for our savings, paying our debts (still paying our friends on the loan we took in 2005) and investment. Azleen plans to go and settle all the paperworks tomorrow and hope he can make it. We need the money, at least something to kickstart our savings.

"What! I'll be left with the kids again?!!"

Today's status - Savings : 0 MYR and debt is close to 350,000 MYR

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